Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live reporting - legislation for action

1. Resolution 08-59: Dissolution of Fire Station Building Committee (Tabled on 10/1/08) moved to a future meeting

2. Resolution 08-60: Designation of Municipal Officer to Issue Trench Excavation Permits
McGann - will there be a fee required?
Nutting - yes, but that remains to be determined

Bartlett - what is this for?
Cerel - we need to do this to enforce the current law

Bartlett - should they complain where do they go to?
Nutting - state legislature

Approved 7-0

3. Resolution 08-61: Red Brick School: Declaration as Surplus and Available/Authorization to Lease

Vallee - what is the amount of the lease? people have a right to know, it is not ours it is theirs.
Nutting - we have not sat down yet to discuss. I am asking for 10 years. They have indicated one year to trial.

Vallee - let's put everything on the table before we vote on it.

Whalen - are they any other instances that the Town has currently?
Nutting - not right now.

Whalen - my inclination is that this is something that should be handed over to Jeff to handle

Doak - I am not in favor of the Town acting as a landlord but under the circumstances, this is a good thing to do

Feeley - does this need a 2/3 vote?
Cerel - yes, it is a change of status on the assets

Vallee - the Town is leasing for no profit?
Nutting - there is no market value for this building, it will cost us more while it is vacant.

Doak - can we get a report back on what the deal was?
Nutting - yes

Pfeffer - we are not doing this to make money, the Charter School is not a profit making operation

Herb Hunter, Paula Sandman - Brick School Association
We are committed to fund utilities and associated repairs for the next three years and solicit grants for continuation, if it requires after that.

Whalen - Brick has been an emotional issue for the Town, this make absolute perfect sense to me

Roll call vote passed 7-0

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