Monday, October 13, 2008

"The mirror simply slid down the wall"

Milford Daily News
Posted Oct 13, 2008 @ 12:32 AM
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Even after a century, members of the philanthropic Ray family may still be hanging around their old haunts, according to staff at Dean College.

Workers at Ray House, which serves as the school's admissions office, and several staff members, including Vice President of Enrollment Jay Leiendecker, have reported encounters with spirits they believe are Ray family members. The house was their former home, built in the 1800s.

Sensing a spirit, or seeing a shadow flash by is not rare at Ray House, Leiendecker said.

"It's not once every so many years - there's definitely a spirit living in the house," he said, adding, "Nothing bad has happened."

In fact, if the otherworldly inhabitants are members of the Ray family, he said they're probably quite friendly ghosts, because they were incredibly charitable people in life.

Although encounters are common, they can still be startling.

"We had window-washing crews come here on weekends, and a man was washing the window inside and out one Saturday," Leiendecker said, pointing to his tall office window overlooking the campus, "and he apparently went screaming for the hills after he saw ... something."

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