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Live reporting - discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items
  • Ballot Question #1
open to comments
Rohrbach - question referenced well in editorial at Metrowest Daily News, poorly timed, Governor is announcing cuts at the state level just from shortfall in this years budget

Cafasso - kind of a silly proposition, relieves people of the concept of commonwealth and community, we all share in the benefits from these payments, no one likes taxes but everyone wants police and fire protection and services for seniors, you can't get one without the other
  • FY10 Budget Timeline
Rohrbach - preliminary budget timeline included in the package, goal to be done and have the budget adopted by February 24, 2009

Goodman - process starting and scheduled to complete by Feb

Cafasso - anything from the Town Administrator on revenue projections
Ogden - nothing yet, we might get a hint with the Governor's announcements tomorrow

  • Superintendent Search
Asst Supt Maureen Sabolinski to review her background and vision of the district
Wayne has started from the first time they met to prepare her for this

Moved her from NJ in 1992
son middle school, daughter elementary
first impression was on their first visit, teacher welcomed them and provided a tour of the school

class sizes then are somewhat reminicent of where we are today
hang in there, the community has always stepped up

involved in soccer and basketball boosters

loves coming to work in Franklin everyday
this has been a difficult decision to leave her current role for this new step

"tell me how this is about kids"
strong public schools are the cornerstone of a democratic society
need to prepare students to be lifelong learners
collaborative style, accessible, responsive
communications need to be returned

demonstrated history for systemic fixes, not quick fixes
will take difficult decisions

grew up in NY, started to be a science major, switched to psychology mainly behaviorial, needed teach the rats but couldn't leave them hungry, needless to say, clinical psychology was not going to be her direction.

found teaching and found her love
started in NYC public schools, special ed in Queens, 90% of students were from S America

a teacher left, she ended up a first grade teacher
whole extended family would come to the parent teacher conferences

Taught high school outside of Buffalo, Grand Isle
special education, when inclusion was just beginning
petitioned for use of spell check on the state test, had already been used in the classroom

Randolph, NJ - Rockaway public schools
varied student population, 3rd to 6th grade
multiple reading and math groups

Came to MA and had trouble getting licensed
was asking for the wrong license and got that straightened out fairly quickly

Came into Franklin as an Asst Spec Ed Coordinator
first day here, the high school principal resigned
had multiple roles, did the state reporting online
learned about data and data collection

initiated team chairs, hired a behaviorist
highlighted in 1999 for having the most cost-effective special education program in the area
letter of congratulations from Jeff Nutting whom she had not met at that time

peanut allergy policy developed, still get requests for policy from outsiders
salmanella policy, drop-out rate addressed, focused attention at the needs of the at-risk students at the high school

has done the range of duties of the superintendent
budget, transportation, curriculum, end of year reports
comfortable in working with Miriam on the budget reports

vision to move the school district forward
need to keep the initiatives going (literacy, gifted and talented, opening up AP courses)
district improvement plan, in smaller ways to move from good to great
with small money opening new initiatives
look at students assessment

MCAS is a test for knowledge, we need to test how they are going to use it to be successful in the coming years

student lead conferencing at Remington, need to expand that

senior project, a really good start for school to career transition
how do we expand that to integrate

math and science growth has been good need to keep that growth systemic and district wide

need to get the labs at the high school renovated to be useful

laptops are just one tool, how is technology going to support our program
foreign language, technology is one easy way to expand that program

community relations are an important role
schools need to be represented at the Harvest Festival

expand relationship with Dean College
work with the PCC and Joint PCC, talent there that needs to get tapped

need to do more work with our alumni
important to the history to celebrate the contributions

Mr Slight - she puts students needs first and I think that says a lot

Rohrbach - I did not know all the stuff you have done although I have known you for some time. What will be your biggest obsticle?

Sabolinksi - the most obvious one is the budget, the reality is we are not going to get an major influx of cash, we are going to need to look at some serious discussions, how can we continue to do what we need to do, get seed money to prepare for larger grants down the road to augment the instructional program, don;t see a quick fix over the next several years

Rohrbach - any cost savings you can see
Sabolinksi - there are not a lot of areas left to cut, despite some of the community perceptions, we are already looking for the parents and PCCs to pick up more and more. Can explore further avenues with the Town on consolidation, may save the Town some money that would look favorably for us

Rohrbach - what do you see for the high school
Sabolinski - looking at the high school and getting atitudes changed, then it makes it easier for other changes, how to assess, using a more common assessment, looking to more partnership with Dean, renovated libary, are they willing to share and open it up for us. Reading, writing and other core academics, would love to see public speaking back in, not just about content, working on teams will be needed

Kelly - greatist strength that you'd bring to Franklin
Sabolinski - sometimes I over think decisions, when you worry about your job you are always thinking of alternatives

Cafasso - appreciate the blue collar background, like the ideas of partnerships and sharing resources, looking at the professionals who live in the community, these are good. What is your least favorite thing about the school committee?
Sabolinksi - the ley to being successful in this role is developing a relationship with this committee, mutual respect, feedback loop needed

Cafasso - enrollment on elementary level is down about 60, it seems like we will need re-districting to meet our space needs?
Sabolinski - once the market turns around, we will see an influx of kids K-12, Keller Sullivan will be a problem spot due to the growth in that area, they are at capacity. You will need to swing growth from that end of town to this end of town.

Cafasso - when 2010?
Sabolinski - will really depend on the Building Committee and where they plan, you don't want to re-district multiple times in a short period

Cafasso - teacher evaluations, how has that changed and what would you change?
Sabolinski - it is an evolving process, our primary role is to put the best teachers in the classroom and for those teachers who are struggling to help them. Supervision and evaluation, we meet with the principals regularly, would like to make the tool and process a little less combersome, would require negotiation with FEA. relationships with parents, relationships with students, and with other teachers, need to do some tweaking on our current tool

Armenio - could you talk about retaining teachers and administrators
Sabolinski - one of the key things to retain is to ensure them of some stability in programs and initiatives, a consistency in leadership and agenda, our professional development is very favorable for the teachers. Not all districts have funds alloted this way. Work on meeting schedules to lessen their load. More cycles with letting people go, makes it harder to recruit and retain teachers here.

Trahan - where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Sabolinski - I would hope I would still be here, the life expectancy of a superintendent is shrinking, I would like to make a long term committement, it requires time to put changes in place

Trahan - you have your eyes wide open, sounds like you are equiped for the challenge
Sabolinski - it would be an honor to work here, there are great staff here, the downside is the cash. Last spring this Blackboard was not a project, things like this are happening all through the district. It would be an honor to work with you all.

Mullen - time table, we will be taking action at our next meeting

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