Wednesday, October 15, 2008

live reporting - action items (continued)

9. Resolution 08-67: Acceptance of Sewer Pump Station- Franklin Farms
roll call; approved 7-0

Senior Center study revealed 780 seniors with homes that are eligible for tax benefits

10. Resolution 08-68: Appropriation – Emergency Repairs - Lincoln St. Culvert

Robert Cantoreggio, Dir of Public Works
Limited Lincoln Street closure required to do the work, coordinated with Town CTS system for notifications,School Dept notified for bus routing, most of the time, there will be one lane open

roll call; approved 7-0

11. Resolution 08-69: Appropriation – DPW – Trench Repairs

extended discussion on the cost per square yard vs. the amount charged/held from the contractor

approved 7-0

12. Resolution 08-70: Acceptance of Gift – Council on Aging

approved 7-0

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