Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Live reporting - Summer Blackboard

Pandora Carlucci introduces this joint venture between the Life Long Learning and the High School

Supt Ogden with his leadership and collaborative encouragement, this was finally possible

Peter Light's tenacity lead to the success of the program

50 students participated, 3 obtained scholarships to participate


Peter Light claims it really was a team effort

looking for this to be a self-sustaining program, could extend the program to

a key goal:
create new opportunities for students, limited offerings due to curriculum requirements

Blackboard, an online platform to facilitate learning
this platform is used at some colleges
students completed coursework from around the world
credits for courses offered an completed successfully

mailed to other schools around the state
reaching out to other districts and other students (will help fund the program)

Mr Sutherland - create and set up course, allows for adjustments along the way
allows for secure dialog between students and teacher
there was a learning curve with the program particularly with setting up the test and enabling it to be available online
allowed flexibility to turn in assignments early
11 students took his class in forensics, a lot of reading, a lot of outside research required
his class is archived and available for re-use, embellishment, etc.

Mrs Belastock

Mr Lima provided a demo of the Blackboard

could key the astronomy program to the specific longitude/latitude so that the view of the sky would be as close to actual as possible, assuming no clouds, you could turn around and see the sky

paper copies made available if computer was not available

each Tuesday night, there was a live session, Mr Lima was online, the students had tasks to observe and report back via the online, they could also ask other questions

over 4 weeks, on Tuesday nights averaged about 75 messages each night

Armenio - what were the challenges? You're at home, relaxed.
I was at band camp at UNH and taking the course online
Needed self discipline and motivation to do the assignments and complete them on time

Armenio - would you do it again?

Armenio - are you using Accuplacer?
Pam Gould, FHS Principal - yes a possibility, we are looking at it for the future

Trahan - I am blown away, I would love to take the astronomy class myself
I was in Europe and came back, introduced myself and caught up fairly quickly

Trahan - would you be using this info now or later
Doing this music course has helped me with music this year

Rohrbach - anything you experienced that you would like to see done differently or improved?
happy with everything, nothing really to change

Mullen - you took pre-calc and you are a sophomore, what are you going to do with the rest of the high school?
I can take two full years

Mullen - did you find yourself at the same level with others who took the full year course?
Yes, I did not see a difference

Ogden - As juniors, those taking this pre-calc offering will exhaust the curriculum when they are seniors. Exploring options with Dean, Framkingham St and other places to see what can be done

This was done without cost to the community and a small cost to the families. The courses can be taken anywhere on the planet that there is access to the internet. A number of folks have made this a hugh success. A number of faculty did not get the option to participate and will be able to next summer

Cafasso - what is the capacity of a course?
Light - from his pilot experience about 25-30 students to provide good feedback

? - what about the variety of student pacing and ability, how was it for the teaching?
Light - Not a completely different environment from the classroom.
Belastock - need to be aware of time differences when the testing is open and due.
Lima - ability for students to learn from other students

2 minute recess to allow for breakdown of demo

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