Tuesday, November 18, 2008

live reporting - Community Health Council report

Supt Ogden, Asst Supt Sabolinski, Student Rep Patrick Slight, Student Rep Courtney Donaho (sp?), Michelle Kingsland Smith,

A committee by committee, leadership shared
subcommittees operational, lots of folks are putting in good effort

first meeting in September, split into 3 subcommittees
  1. grant applications to help sustain the program overtime
  2. parent/community education
  3. safe activities for middle/high school students
Public health studies depend upon data collection
members attending conferences and workshops as they become available
more workshops being scheduled

Metrowest health center grant received several years ago, grant expired
submitted a proposal for a $10,000 grant to support the activities, in particular addressing alcohol abuse, cyber bullying and harassment.

increase community awareness, engage community
cross community partnership; Police, Dean, YMCA

Attempting to get events at the high school and YMCA for middle and high school student to attend and have some healthy activities.

Stoughton has a good model and good advice on grant writing and program sustainability.

Want to focus on alcohol to ensure some success. Will expand later as they can.

Q - is there a SADD group on campus?
A - yes, it is quite active

Q - are there curriculum changes to go along with this?
A - yes, in Health and other areas. Looking to get something into the Middle School as those students are getting involved early. The survey results lead to a dynamic where the result lead to changes/adjustments in the curriculum.

Q - with the MIddlebury College president leading an effort reduce the drinking age to 18, how does that affect your work?
A - We haven't addressed this topic yet but it will be a good one for the full committee meeting.

Q - With the drinking age as it is, how are kids getting access to alcohol?
A - one story of a parent who set up a keg in the driveway, it was okay to drink as long as you didn't go and drive.
A - older siblings also do provide access.

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