Tuesday, November 18, 2008

live reporting - Capital needs - facilities

Capital needs – facilities
Mike D’Angelo

Provided a document in June at the end of the school year was updated and re-estimated for this document

This will be refined again by the time it gets to the capital committee
Does not deal with the High School, only with the other buildings

Projects 1-9 all around Davis Thayer but will put the building into a good position
Elevator, toilets, doors/locks, power wiring
Only the schools built recently have the necessary capacity to support the requirements
Painting and re-carpeting the whole building

Parmenter – renovated in 1987, wearing out now
Kennedy – same issues with power wiring
When and if the projects are done it will provide 30-40 years of sustainability

Remington/Jefferson carpeting has almost doubled since last presented

Rebuilding field behind Horace Mann talked of for a few years

Phone PBX systems in the schools, aggregated lines, reduced number of lines
Upgraded security system at Kelleher/Sullivan, would be appropriate to bring to same level as other buildings in town

Item included for the modulars to remove and update the area after they come out
Cover sheet with details supporting behind it on separate pages

Armenio – like the format with all the back up data
D’Angelo – elevator with require new electrical, separate poles service the building and the modulars. Would need a new 800 AMP service in the building

Davis Thayer is one of the more heavily used fields in town, number is for natural grass, re-sod,

Installation of terminal units, the unit in the room would blow the heat and air out; those pieces in the buildings are what are actually failing right now

More cameras, digital recording, door controls remotely,
We know whoever enters our buildings, name, time stamped, picture taken
Could be considered a safety issue

Industry still a couple of years away from products that can reduce the cost of making the electricity

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