Thursday, November 20, 2008

live reporting - School Budget continued

The summer program where the students took classes on line away from the facilities. These things need to be listed out.

Has anyone dropped athletics? No, others have higher fees.
Has anyone dropped co-curricular? No, others have higher fees.

Theoretically, our teachers could teach course on line and students from around the nation could be paying us for that. During the summer, this was piloted. It would dramatically change the nature of what a teacher would do and what a student would experience. We're looking at what kinds of revenue could be generated. This would also have union contract ramifications. There is a thing called Virtual High School but that is a non-profit. We are probably the only public high school looking at this.

Would this be for home schoolers or for those looking for a specific course?
There already are home school packages out there, it would more likely be the specific courses. There could be advanced classes to accelerate graduation. So if a student goes through in three years instead of four, that in itself would be a cost savings.

There is a certain kind of kid that would thrive in that kind of environment.
Part of our drive is to get our kids exposed to this before they go to college.

French 5 as an example would be a way to provide courses that we couldn't provide but could still offer as part of the curriculum.
Virtual High School works in two ways. You could pay a per student charge and therefore offer a class for less than providing a part teacher to provide. You could also provide a teacher to support a course and as compensation for that the district would gain some number of seats so students would take whatever courses would be available.

Review of PowerPoint charts depicting the forecasted drivers for the 6.4% increase noted before.

Health percentage that they employee pays and co-pays are negotiated. They employees have been working with us on this. The change in these numbers usually affects the premium so there are savings available. We have an older population so that drives so of our flexibility.

to be continued...

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