Wednesday, November 19, 2008

live reporting - Town Administrator

NationalGrid will be sending a notice to abutters of the power lines as an alternative route, not one they want. There will be a public hearing to review the details

Winter parking ban now in effect.

Museum, I could go on and on, good work by all involved.

Old business:

New business:

Doak: question on gas contract?
Nutting - was for one year

Councilor comments:
Bartlett - thanks for the help running a well organized election, unveiling of the statue was a wonderful event, FEF Casino night this Friday

Zollo - thanks for all those involved in the Museum effort, a key piece to the puzzle that we are putting together downtown. Thanks to the Downtown Partnership for their work.

McGann - thanks to the DPW workers and all the others who worked on it.

Pfeffer - wonderful veterans breakfast, 11 vets over the age of 90. Over 150 attended the breakfast, paid for by the Franklin elders.

Clara Lodi honored for long years of service to the library.

Historical museum did a great job.

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