Tuesday, November 18, 2008

live reporting - refreshed statement of interest

Asst Supt Sabolinski - submitted a refreshed statement of interest for the high school building application for state reimbursement assistance; enrollment projection required this time around (had previously been required within 2 years). DOE has a standard method of calculation to put all school districts on a level playing field.

What was remarkable looking at the accumulation of data is how old the systems really are? It is really astonishing how good shape the building really is.

science labs, cafeteria, guidance space, music rooms, theater arts all in insufficient and inadequate space

Cafasso - enrollment projections are really just educated guesses, it is good that there is a standard measurement, but there is analysis that would show more like 1700 students than the 1600 students projected.

Mullen - executive summary contains a repeated word, "limited" ultimately limits the education that can be provided to our students.

Ms MacLeod - honestly the bathrooms are gross, coming from a middle school with state of the art facility and supplies and get to the high school it is quite different

Mr Slight - it is not a horrible place to get a high school education, a lot of things need improvement

Rohrbach - I'd like to hear from the School Building Committee to see if there is a Plan B. I'd like to do something sooner rather than later but I am not sure what our options are.

Cafasso - trying to get a sense from the State as to where they are leaning, what does it seem like we can get, what are their thoughts on the submission. No estimate from state yet on when we would hear. Committee open to new or renovation or anything else along there, want to get a sense from the state before doing much else

Mullen - reminder that the committee is not just the High School. We are looking elsewhere and in particular at what we can do with the modulars. Will come back next time with info to make a formal request to the Building Committee

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