Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Financial Planning Committee 2010 model

This will be the input for the model Thursday at the Financial Planning Committee meeting

Financial model, initially based upon no increase in services, then if you have needs and would add, what would your priorities be? Roberta, Matt, Wayne and Miriam will be presenting on Thursday evening

Salaries and benefits account for 83% of the model

3.2M increase, salaries biggest driver

2008 was the peak for school choice students and associated revenue

Picked 2006 as the year to return to, most justifiable

Looking for apples to apples numbers, teachers based upon enrollment, less maintenance, SPED, since 2006 what have we learned we can live without, or that we really need?

We need to think strongly of where we should be going, this model does not reflect our feelings at this point.

“Went from planning on going from good to great to talking about pockets of greatness”

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