Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Conspiracy found

Yes, really, there is a conspiracy revealed within the Franklin Town web site. But no, it is not the kind you were thinking of!

Continuing to explore the 2008 Annual Report I find information on the Human Resources Department.

Welcome To Human Resources

We are partners in building the Town of Franklin by aligning the skills and assignments of our employees with Town initiatives, values, strategies and the needs of all our citizens. We serve as a source of information and expertise that provides quality customer service for employees and citizens and their ever changing needs. We help make Franklin a great place to work and live -- professionally and personally. To do this we work to:

1. Develop an attitude of teamwork and quality in our day to day operations.
2. Create an atmosphere which fosters challenges, fun, safety, and excellence
3. Seize opportunities which demonstrate excellence execution, caring attitude and a sense of urgency.
4. Communicate in a candid and fair manner with the diverse work force from whom our Town derives its strength.
5. Commit to acting openly, equitably and consistently in our pursuit of uncompromising quality.
6. Increase participation in Town and community activities while seeking knowledge, enthusiasm and an improved quality of life for ourselves, co-workers, and the community.
7. Respect team member values which may be different from our own.
8. Accept responsibility for promoting ethical and legal conduct in personal and Town business practices.

You can find this and more information on the Town website. From the Home page, scroll over the Departments link and select More. Scroll down to find the Human Resources Department in alphabetical order.

Check out the "Conspiracy of Kindness" and "Tale of the Goose" here

If you have not picked up your hard copy of the report at Town Hall, you can try to view it online here: http://www.town.franklin.ma.us/pages/FranklinMA_Clerk/2008arpt.pdf

Coverage of the Human Resources Department begins on Page 96.

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