Friday, January 9, 2009

Can green jobs solve poverty?

There is an interesting conversation about
Can green-collar jobs clean the "dirty-energy economy" and lift people out of poverty?
The discussion revolves around education in California where the drop out rate from public schools is now 25%. 41% for Blacks and 31% for Latinos.

Van Jones and California State Senator Darrell Steinberg discuss a unique solution for our economy and environment. Together they offer a clear vision for green economic development and its potential.

Click through to listen here.

Well worth listening to!


  1. Green jobs will sure help to solve poverty, at what percent not sure of this. Thought some accurate figures we can know from these industry experts at ... justmeans is the only site to learn new stuff revolved with "Corporate Social Responsibility" "Green Jobs" "Waste Management" "Energy" "Ethical Consumption" "Politics and Governance" "Social Investment" "Social Media" and "Sustainable Business" and that too from the industry experts.

  2. Thanks for the link Sandy. I'll check out justmeans as a source. I don't think it is the only one as I have already found others but I don't think I have seen this one yet.