Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Live reporting - Legislation for action


1. Resolution 09-01: Acceptance of Grant of Easement and Water Booster Pump Station

approved 7-0


$371,000 of our $700,000 snow/ice budget had been spent before today.

Thanks to Jim Vallee for another grant of $7,000 for Fire Dept student education

No hiring to replace vacancies, in anticipation of 9C cuts (Mid year cuts per legislature that are provided to the Governor). It might happen just about the time that the Governors' budget is due out. With reduced state funding and reduced local revenues, this will be as bad as it has been in a long, long time. We are not the Federal government, we can not go a trillion dollars in the hole.

Whalen - there has been a lot of talk abot Obama's stimulus package for local "shovel ready" projects. Where are we with this? What have you heard?

Nutting - The high school is 3-4 years away from being shovel ready. I am on a task force to deal with these proposals. We will submit some projects, what will get selected remains to be determined. Sewer work, water work, maybe the small school projects, would be candidates. They are working hard to collect a lot of information to be prepared. They can't give us anything definitive.

  • Old Business - none
  • New Business - none

Council Comments
Zollo - happy birthday to Connor for his 7th birthday

McGann -

Doak - happy New Year, this year will be a big challenge.

Executive session
roll call 7-0

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