Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Incident Summary Water loss 1/1/09

This was the handout provided and reviewed by Mike D'Angelo


Incident Summary Water loss 1/1/09

Apparent power loss between 3:00 and 4:00AM

  • Custodian shoveling reported school cold at about 10:00 AM
  • Sent heating company to investigate
  • ATC (heating contractor) found problem and got heat back on

Damage: Broken coils in two rooms and the cafeteria, food loss in the cafeteria fridge and freezer. Rooms soaked with water

Status: Coils all repaired, Carpets shampooed, Fridge fixed


  • Athletic director reported a big water spill on gym floor and it being very cold in the High School about 5 :00 PM
  • Checked school on computer and called people to investigate pump problem
  • Custodian found pumps down
  • Called heating company and they isolated gym coil and got heat back on approximately 10:00 PM
  • Custodian cleaned up water in gym and one room


  • Heating company on site as coils started to unfreeze and leak. Isolated coils and removed 3 for repair. Problems with 5 areas. Cleaned up water spills


  • Heating company and I on site to work more on heat after building still cold
  • Returned full heat to building and 7 more coils unfroze and leaked, isolated and custodians cleaned up water. Building secure with full heat.

Damage: 10 classrooms heating coils, gym coil, greenhouse heat, floors damaged in 8 rooms and gym floor buckled.

Status: Heat repaired in all 10 rooms and greenhouse. All rooms cleaned. Starting tile removal tomorrow and possibly replacement next week. Start to work on procuring gym floor replacement next week.



  • Received call from fire that senior center had problem fire alarm going off, checked on computer and saw no heat. Sent heating company
  • Restored heat but sprinkler piping had froze and broken flooding multipurpose room
  • Sent Compton sprinkler and custodians to clean up water
  • Custodians returned Saturday and Sunday to do more cleanup

  • Sprinklers repaired
  • Pressure valve in dishwasher replaced, heat in attic repaired

  • Affected rugs in 3 rooms re-shampooed
  • Drying system set up in multipurpose room

Damage: Sprinkler system heads and piping including outside heads, dishwasher valve, fill tube in attic, wet sheetrock in multipurpose, $3,000 in computers, multipurpose flooded, 3 rooms flooded.

Status: Sprinkler interior repairs complete, rooms cleaned and shampooed, dishwasher valve and fIn tube repaired/replaced.

Open: Outside sprinkler heads on order, multipurpose drying, misc. ceiling tiles to replace


  • Insurance claim proceeding after meeting with adjuster on Tuesday. Approval given by MEGA to complete items and forward bills
  • Norma Collins got verbal approval from State DCAM Department of Asset Management Attorney George Matthews office to expedite all repairs with reduced procurement requirements
  • No school time lost from incidents in schools
  • Senior center will open tomorrow for all areas excluding multipurpose room
  • Investigating monitoring system for heating system points. Approximate cost for 16 properties is $25,000 to install and $5,000 per year in monitoring costs

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