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Thursday, July 27, 2023

"Let's continue to put love out there"

jamele adams, the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Scituate School District, was the target of an incident at Museum Beach in Scituate. The Patriot Ledger story provides an overview of this unacceptable act.

jamele is a Franklin resident. 

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Franklin Police report road rage incident on Friday, 2/17/23, investigation continues

Tonight (2/17/23), at approximately 5:15 PM the Franklin Police Department responded to the area of Washington Street by the Bellingham town line for a report of a road rage incident involving a firearm. 

In partnership with the Bellingham MA Police, it was determined a road rage incident occurred in Franklin where a suspect fired a firearm at another vehicle and fled from the scene. 

There were no reported injuries. There is no threat to the public currently. This matter remains under investigation. No further information will be given at this time.

Franklin Police report road rage incident on Friday, 2/17/23, investigation continues
Franklin Police report road rage incident on Friday, 2/17/23, investigation continues

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Franklin Police: Update on the Nov 1, 2022 West Central/Union Auto Crash

Yesterday (Tuesday, Nov 1, 2022) at approximately 3:23 PM, the Franklin Police and Fire Department responded to a three-car motor vehicle crash at the intersection of West Central Street and Union Street. After an investigation it is determined the first vehicle involved, a Toyota Highlander was stopped at the intersection at a red light. The second vehicle, a Chevy Equinox was stopped behind the first vehicle. The third, a KIA SUV rear-ended the second vehicle which caused a chain reaction crash into the first vehicle. 

Upon arrival, first responders found the operator of the KIA SUV, a 58-year-old female resident of Wrentham unresponsive in her vehicle. First responders quickly began life-saving measures including CPR. She was transported to Milford Hospital where she was later pronounced deceased. The operator of the second vehicle was transported to UMASS Memorial with what are believed to be serious injuries. It was determined the operator of the KIA SUV suffered a serious medical episode while driving which resulted in the crash. Given the medical nature of this call, no further information will be provided. 
Our thoughts are with the victim, their friends, and their family following this tragic incident. 

Visit the Franklin Police Dept ->

Franklin Police: Update on the Nov 1, 2022 West Central/Union Auto Crash
Franklin Police: Update on the Nov 1, 2022 West Central/Union Auto Crash 

Friday, October 1, 2021

Recap: School Committee meeting hears of graffiti incident, DLI updates, ESSER III grant draft plans, and approves facial covering policy

Quick recap:
  • Graffiti incident at FHS discussed, Superintendent Ahern updated on Principal Hanna's response and work still underway
  • School topics (Davis Thayer, budget, etc.) scheduled for Town Council meeting Oct 6
  • New communications person, Lily Rivera introduced
  • Digital Learning Integrationists (DLI) provided updates on their work supporting teachers and learning technology
  • The draft plan was previewed for use of the ESSER III (Federal funding) to be made available
  • MASC delegate approved, review of MASC resolutions conducted, vote on them scheduled for next meeting. Odd situation may occur, if Denise Spencer doesn't get re-elected Nov 2, with the MASC conference scheduled for Nov 3, the conference would not have a Franklin representative
  • Facial covering policy approved, this wont be the last update, more are likely as the pandemic continues
  • Minutes from Sep 14 split from Consent agenda and approved; the remaining items of the Consent agenda also approved; both votes via roll call


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting live in the Council Chambers.


The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #schcom0928

School Committee agenda: 

School Committee packet folder (all the doc for the meeting) 


Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one album


Citizens Comments
  • I stepped up to share about the Franklin Area Nonprofit Network (FANN) in an effort to reach out to the PCC organizations. The FANN vision "Franklin will be a community where nonprofit organizations work together for the greater good of its residents. " #schcom0928
  • Citizen comment on disappointing curriculum night experience was paperwork instead of info sharing and teacher info sharing #schcom0928
  • Citizen comment on when will get out of this? #schcom0928
FHS Student updates
  • Superintendent introduces the new FHS representatives. MacKenzie Atwood a senior (returning this year) production of Mama Mia Nov 12-13; speaks to the recent act of hateful graffiti found on a back door of the school #schcom0928 she can't feel safe in the halls.
  • "While we have made progress ... but more needs to be done, it has been met with more hatred" #schcom0928
  • Shaw Downing with an update on PSAT's, needing proctors to conduct the testing. Back to school night Thursday, Home coming Oct 7, register before req'd #schcom0928
Superintendent's report
  • Superintendent's report - key follow up to Kenzie's info; Principal Hanna sent note to FHS community today (copy to share later) #schcom0928, it was not a FPS student but they were found. "It puts a voice to the hurt" thank you for sharing and having the courage to do so
  • Principal Hanna reaching to the appropriate clubs to respond to the FHS community. Half day on Friday, PDD for staff. #schcom0928 Supt report link to be posted Weds (while be shared after it is available)
  • Supt Ahern and Business Admin Goodman to participate in the Town Council meeting next week to talk school topics among budget. School transport and buses an issue, late buses not available now. hence club and activities potentially hindered. #schcom0928
  • curriculum night was a question to be in person or remote, hoped in person would be better; COVID protocols needed to be followed, to address # of folks in a room, shorter duration and smaller groups #schcom0928 middle/FHS coming later
  • materials prepared for consistency in delivery, further opportunities? yes, all year long - teachers are responsive to requests; conferences coming in Nov #schcom0928
  • "this highlights how important our diversity, equity and inclusion work is" different experience for a SchCom member at the curriculum night, it was informally organized and allowed for moving around. #schcom0928
Discussion/Action Items
  • Franklin TV Board Appointment - I recommend the appointment of Rose Turco to the Franklin TV Board of Directors. - motion seconded, passes via roll call 7-0 #schcom0928
  • MASC Delegate - I recommend the Committee appoint Denise Spencer to serve as the Committee's delegate to the annual MASC Annual Meeting of Delegates as discussed.  motion seconded, passes 7-0 via roll call #schcom0928 (risk of delegate due to conf and election timing)
  • ** Policy - Waiving 1st reading - I recommend waiving the First Reading of Policy EBCFA Face Coverings as discussed. motion, seconded, passes 7-0 via roll call #schcom0928
  • ** D. Policy Adoption - I recommend adopting policy EBCFA - Face Coverings as discussed  #schcom0928 - minor changes, and inclusion of non-compliance section - motion, seconded, passes 7-0 via roll call - (community) input included in the policy;
  • policy discussion on masks not over yet, DESE guidance still incomplete and lacking; we can be stronger than DESE but not more lenient, hard to plan for policy changes in these circumstances #schcom0928
  • MASC resolution discussion tonight, vote comes later: doc with resolution can be found ->  #schcom0928
Discussion Only Items
  • next up - ESSER III funding plan ->  #schcom0928
  • beginning slide 4, an accounting of the COVID funding received thus far #schcom0928 page 7 gets into the ESSER III funding to be spread over next couple of years; putting plan together in consideration of other funding sources
  • page 10 highlighted items are an area of funding possible via ESSER funds; some although ranked high don't really qualify for this funding; #schcom0928 Air conditioning is a project beyond the scope of this funding
  • page 11 also has two highlights for areas of possible funding #schcom0928 page 15 has the five priority areas broken out by the stakeholder groups - Page 17 has the start of the proposed ESSER funding requests
  • page 18 closes out the proposal with two more line items - "Our Challenge - Develop a plan between FY 22 and FY 24 to sustain investments that are needed in the long-term"  #schcom0928
  • The survey can also be used as input for other needs discussions. #schcom0928 a job description would come to committee for review before posting once needed
  • next up - back to school status update -> doc located here #schcom0928 gradually approx. 80% across Franklin, how to determine which of these are FPS vs. elsewhere
  • data collection currently focused on FHS, currently 75% with more clarification on the numbers being worked. Middle school problematic as not all of them are currently eligible; close contacts will get complicated as this goes forward without masks (i.e 3' to 6') #schcom0928
  • test and stay up and running - no testing without consent, forms on website, top of page easy to find #schcom0928 MCAS scores coming out this week, more full evaluation forthcoming once received and understood. Math a standout area of concern
  • what happens if we don't get to 80%, then the whole school stays masked until such time. #schcom0928 to check on testing form if submitted, contact the school nurse; out of school exposure does not qualify for test/stay
Information matters
  • Info matters - budget handout prepared by budget subcommittee; booth at Harvest Festival (Zone 5 - Rockland Trust parking lot, near Emmons St) #schcom0928
  • Policy next meeting, Oct 6; 6 to 7:30 PM likely in training room; next meeting Oct 21 
  • Joint PCC did meet yesterday; no field trips for fall, maybe for spring; equitable funding and resources desired. Substance taskforce, looking for SAFE hosting #schcom0928
  • SWAC first meeting next week; ad-hoc committee to schedule meeting; Hock Y still serving free food, daycare available; other support groups for specific illnesses; #schco0928
  • moving to consent agenda - separate the minutes for Sep 14, motion to approve, second, passes via roll call 6-0-1 (1 abstain -Judy)
  • motion to accept consent agenda, second, passes 7-0 via roll call #schcom0928
  • motion to adjourn, seconded, passes 7-0 via roll call, that's all for tonight  #schcom0928

Audio recording of meeting to be available in couple of days


Digital Learning Integrationists (DLI) team
Digital Learning Integrationists (DLI) team

Friday, June 11, 2021

Letter from Principal Hanna regarding incident at FHS

Sharing a letter from Mr. Hanna regarding an incident at FHS:


Dear Franklin High School Community,

I am deeply saddened to inform you that late in the school day yesterday, graffiti depicting swastikas was found in a 3rd Floor Boys Bathroom.   The graffiti was promptly removed and an investigation was immediately initiated.   In addition,  I contacted the Franklin Police Department, and we are providing full cooperation and assistance to them.  As soon as our investigation is concluded and if we are able to identify the person(s) responsible, we will follow up with disciplinary consequences and education as set out in the Franklin High School Handbook.    We will also take appropriate steps to remedy the negative impact of these acts on the school community and restore a sense of safety and support for all.  

The fact that the swastika graffiti was found at Franklin High School is far beyond disappointing.  It is extremely troubling and highly inconsistent with the inclusive culture we are committed to creating at Franklin High School.   Franklin High School is no place for hate.   I pledge to you continued vigilance in this matter as well as continued long-term efforts to promote and support a positive, hate-free school environment.  While we believe that the steps we’ve taken this year to address diversity and inclusion have done a great deal to further our school’s mission of being a welcoming and safe school environment, it is clear that we still have a long way to go.  

     To that end, we will be implementing the following initiatives:

  • We will provide an opportunity for students and faculty/staff to gather and meet with an administrator/counseling team to process their feelings in the immediate future, if they wish to do so.  In the meantime, counselors are available to talk to any individual child wishing for support in the current moment.

  • FHS students, faculty, staff, and administrators participate on the district’s  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee that is leading efforts on bringing awareness to and affirmation of diversity within our school community and developing age-appropriate curriculum and discussions to promote a safe and inclusive learning environment for each and every child. This Committee will continue into the 2021-2022 school year and beyond, in order to continue efforts further into the future.

  • I will be addressing the school tomorrow morning before we begin the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance with a reminder of our core values, and how we have no room for hate at Franklin High School.  

Lastly, I’d like to thank the reporter who brought this to our attention.  It takes courage to call out acts of hate and it is a critical part of our growth as a truly safe and inclusive community.   As we move forward from this incident, please know that we are deeply committed to the goals that all students are safe and that all students develop empathy and respect for others.   I will keep you updated on our progress.   


Joshua Hanna

Letter from Principal Hanna regarding incident at FHS
Letter from Principal Hanna regarding incident at FHS

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Franklin, MA: Police Dept - 2020 Media Release, Spruce Pond

On Sunday October 11, 2020 at approximately 12:49pm the Franklin Police Department through the Metacomet Emergency Communication Center (MECC) received a 911 call reporting a male party experiencing a mental health crisis in the Spruce Pond Condominium complex. The caller also advised that the individual was armed with a handgun, threatening harm to himself, and anyone who approached.

Initial responding Franklin Police officers set up a perimeter and made initial contact with the party. Additional resources, including the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council’s (Metro- LEC) SWAT team were also called to the scene.

During the incident, the male party fired a multiple rounds from a handgun striking the armored truck containing the SWAT officers. Because of the availability of this kind of armored equipment, the SWAT team did not return fire with the subject.

Swat officers were then able to engage the subject from inside the armored vehicle utilizing 40mm less than lethal munitions, Taser, and a K9 team. The subject was taken into custody while still in possession of the firearm. The subject is being treated for minor injuries at a local hospital and will undergo a mental health evaluation.

One Metro-LEC SWAT officer was struck by the ricochet of a round fired by the subject. The officer thankfully was not injured and did not require further treatment.

We are thankful that this incident ended without the loss of any life. It also serves as a reminder that incidents of this type can happen anywhere, and at any time. Officers need the tools available to them to be able to respond safely, with the goal always being the preservation of all life.

At this time the investigation is ongoing. Information on potential criminal charges will be available at the conclusion of the investigation.

Chief Thomas J. Lynch stated “I am proud of the response of my officers, and the Metro- LEC team, the professionalism of all involved, and the incredible restraint shown. Results like this are not always possible but are what we strive for.” Lynch continued “We need to continue training all of our officers and must always provide them with the tools and equipment they need to do their jobs.”

The Franklin Police Department wishes to thank all our law enforcement, and fire department partners that assisted us today with this tense situation.


Shared from Franklin Police

Franklin, MA: Police Dept - 2020 Media Release, Spruce Pond
Franklin, MA: Police Dept - 2020 Media Release, Spruce Pond

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Office of Campaign and Political Finance - presentation deck

The presentation copy for the Office of Campaign and Political Finance discussion and Q&A at the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019 is contained here.

My thanks to Director Jason Tait for sending it along promptly!

Jason also sent along this video tutorial link that looks good. Note: I have not completely viewed all the segments.

The audio recording of the presentation and discussion on Weds can be found

the Anderson case set the precedent for not using town resources in a campaign
the Anderson case set the precedent for not using town resources in a campaign

Friday, December 13, 2019

Franklin Police: "Swatting" Incident on East Street

Media Release, "Swatting" Incident on East Street

On December 13, 2019 at approximately 2:30pm the Metacomet Emergency Communications Center (MECC), which serves as the regional dispatch center for the Towns of Franklin, Wrentham, Norfolk, and Plainville received a call reporting an individual was being held hostage in an apartment on East Street in the Town of Franklin. The caller further indicated that he was armed, and prepared for a law enforcement response.

Franklin Police patrol officers and detectives responded to the area and established a perimeter and residents of the surrounding buildings and apartments were escorted from the area. After safely removing neighbors, officers successfully made entry to the apartment and determined that no threat existed. No persons were located in the apartment in question.

Several communities including the Towns of Wakefield and Newburyport have also received similar reports in recent weeks. These types of calls are often referred to as "swatting", where a caller attempts to invoke a large police response to an unsuspecting person or address.

Deputy Chief of Police James Mill stated "these calls needlessly put people at risk, and tie up police resources which may be needed for true emergencies." Mill further stated "this investigation is just beginning, and more will be done to attempt to uncover the person responsible. I am proud of the professional response by all the members of the Franklin Police Department who brought this situation quickly under control, and to a safe ending."

The incident was concluded at approximately 3:30pm, and all surrounding streets which had been closed were reopened. Residents in the area were advised of what had transpired, and that they could safely return to their residences.

This is an automatic message from Town of Franklin MA. 

Franklin Police: "Swatting" Incident on East Street
Franklin Police: "Swatting" Incident on East Street

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Franklin Police Media Release, Westerly Apartments Incident

"On May 24th, 2019 at approximately 3:30 PM Franklin Police responded to the Westerly Apartments on West Central Street for a report of suspicious activity. A young female reported that an older black male, with dreadlocks, operating a brown jeep with a loud exhaust approached her, and attempted to lure her to the vehicle. The young female refused and was not harmed during the incident. The vehicle then left the area.

Franklin Police detectives are conducting an investigation at this time. If anyone was in the area and has more information, they are asked to contact the Franklin Police at 508-528-1212"

This is an automatic message from Town of Franklin MA. You can subscribe to receive your notifications directly

Franklin Police Media Release, Westerly Apartments Incident
Franklin Police Media Release, Westerly Apartments Incident

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

In the News: incident at FHS handled quickly; seat belt law advocated for

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"An incident at Franklin High School caused brief panic for parents, students, and faculty on Tuesday afternoon. 
An email was sent to parents of Franklin Schools by superintendent, Sara Ahern and Franklin High School principal, Paul Peri, outlining the incident. 
According to the email, “A parent came into the office to share a text message she received from her child saying that he/she overheard another student talking about something occurring in the cafeteria at 12:15 and that students should get under their tables.” 
Police swiftly identified the student in question and removed the individual from the building. Due to the fact the student was identified so quickly and a timely response from Franklin Police, the administration felt a lockdown was not necessary."

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

The notification from Superintendent Sara Ahern can be found here

"Police officers and transportation safety experts called on lawmakers to finally throw their support behind a long-stalled bill that would allow police officers to stop drivers for not wearing a seat belt, but the Legislature appears to be proceeding with caution amid concerns about profiling. 
“As we all know, wearing a seat belt is the single best defense against injuries and deaths in a car crash,” Dr. Bella Dinh-Zarr, a public health expert on the National Transportation Safety Board, said. “We know seat belts are a lifesaving technology, we know a primary seat belt law will increase seat belt use, and increased seat belt use will save lives and prevent injuries.” 
For years, plans to stiffen penalties under the state’s seat belt law have buckled in the face of racial profiling and privacy considerations. Under the current law, police officers in Massachusetts can only issue a ticket for a violation of the seat belt law if they pull the driver over for another offense."

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Over One Million Issues Reported on SeeClickFix

This info was updated here

This is the company and website that powers the app allowing Franklin residents to report potholes, street light problems, etc.

According to the DPW the amount of reports being made with this channel is continuing to grow.Maybe someday Franklin will also get into this top 10 listing!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Incident Summary Water loss 1/1/09

This was the handout provided and reviewed by Mike D'Angelo


Incident Summary Water loss 1/1/09

Apparent power loss between 3:00 and 4:00AM

  • Custodian shoveling reported school cold at about 10:00 AM
  • Sent heating company to investigate
  • ATC (heating contractor) found problem and got heat back on

Damage: Broken coils in two rooms and the cafeteria, food loss in the cafeteria fridge and freezer. Rooms soaked with water

Status: Coils all repaired, Carpets shampooed, Fridge fixed


  • Athletic director reported a big water spill on gym floor and it being very cold in the High School about 5 :00 PM
  • Checked school on computer and called people to investigate pump problem
  • Custodian found pumps down
  • Called heating company and they isolated gym coil and got heat back on approximately 10:00 PM
  • Custodian cleaned up water in gym and one room


  • Heating company on site as coils started to unfreeze and leak. Isolated coils and removed 3 for repair. Problems with 5 areas. Cleaned up water spills


  • Heating company and I on site to work more on heat after building still cold
  • Returned full heat to building and 7 more coils unfroze and leaked, isolated and custodians cleaned up water. Building secure with full heat.

Damage: 10 classrooms heating coils, gym coil, greenhouse heat, floors damaged in 8 rooms and gym floor buckled.

Status: Heat repaired in all 10 rooms and greenhouse. All rooms cleaned. Starting tile removal tomorrow and possibly replacement next week. Start to work on procuring gym floor replacement next week.



  • Received call from fire that senior center had problem fire alarm going off, checked on computer and saw no heat. Sent heating company
  • Restored heat but sprinkler piping had froze and broken flooding multipurpose room
  • Sent Compton sprinkler and custodians to clean up water
  • Custodians returned Saturday and Sunday to do more cleanup

  • Sprinklers repaired
  • Pressure valve in dishwasher replaced, heat in attic repaired

  • Affected rugs in 3 rooms re-shampooed
  • Drying system set up in multipurpose room

Damage: Sprinkler system heads and piping including outside heads, dishwasher valve, fill tube in attic, wet sheetrock in multipurpose, $3,000 in computers, multipurpose flooded, 3 rooms flooded.

Status: Sprinkler interior repairs complete, rooms cleaned and shampooed, dishwasher valve and fIn tube repaired/replaced.

Open: Outside sprinkler heads on order, multipurpose drying, misc. ceiling tiles to replace


  • Insurance claim proceeding after meeting with adjuster on Tuesday. Approval given by MEGA to complete items and forward bills
  • Norma Collins got verbal approval from State DCAM Department of Asset Management Attorney George Matthews office to expedite all repairs with reduced procurement requirements
  • No school time lost from incidents in schools
  • Senior center will open tomorrow for all areas excluding multipurpose room
  • Investigating monitoring system for heating system points. Approximate cost for 16 properties is $25,000 to install and $5,000 per year in monitoring costs

Live reporting - Incident summary 1/1/09

(A copy of the incident report will be added later)

Mike D'Angelo, Facilities manager
provided a brief overview of the incident over New Year's weekend

Kennedy School

McGann - questioning the presence of a sensor that could have caught the problem.
D'Angelo - yes, the sensor would be valuable, it would not have tripped due to the temperature level in 2 of the 3 buildings as the temp had not dropped enough

Bartlett - I lost power and when it came back, the heat kicked in as well, why not here?
D'Angelo - These motors are protected by circuits and code to protect it from severe spikes in power. Normally, when the power returns, they would have come back. When the power did return, it only came back with 2 of 3 phases. Sensing that, the motor required a manual restart.
Nutting - The motor is about the size of a full keg of beer.

Doak - clarification on what the problem really was, temperature monitors are not going to solve this problem. Why couldn't we get notification from the power company?

Whalen - I am focused on how we can try and avoid this going forward. Anytime the power goes out we have to be notified?
D'Angelo - yes, we should. The boilers were sitting with hot water but it wasn't circulating.

High School

McGann - generator at the high school?
D'Angelo - generator was on and ran all the time

McGann - with the generator on, how did we get the freeze up?
D'Angelo - motor starters did trip, likely because of the 2 of 3 phase power return

McGann - with the money we paid for those generators at the high school and senior center, we should not have had this
D'Angelo - they were in the trip position when we arrived. The heating contractor reset the trips.

Doak - is there a test we can do to see if everything is running properly?
D'Angelo - I think if there is one leg off, this would happen.

McGann - on the power side yes, on the generator side, that is three phase power, this should have come right back on

Zollo - 2 high level principles that I am looking at here. There are experts in these areas, yourself and others, let's get a plan to solve the problem for these extreme contingency events. There will be capital required, and I understand that.

There needs to be monitoring with call outs to multiple points so that when something else comes up, we'll at least have been alerted to address something sooner rather than later.

Pfeffer - if it seems like you are being picked on, you are. You are the Director of Facilities. People are not happy with what happened. The Senior Center was 38 degrees on Friday. Some seniors are dependent upon the center for their food. That is unacceptable.

D'Angelo - getting to the actual root of the problem will help us prevent this in the future. The eyes and ears of a person walking in to check a building will be done over long weekend and other periods going forward.

Doak - will we get a break from the insurance company for putting these other monitoring devices in?
Nutting - Not sure, our out of pocket is $5,000. The insurance will cover the repairs.

Senior Center

Heard about it first on Friday with the Fire Department picking up an alarm.

McGann - Do you have the generators on a cycle?
D'Angelo - yes, they are run once a week, I don't remember the day of the week.

McGann - When all things are back and ready, I would suggest that some time, off hours, we do a test. Make sure that all things are working as they are supposed to be. It doesn't seem right to me.

Pfeffer - Do we have to worry about mold?
D'Angelo - with what we are doing, I don't expect to but if necessary we will.

Feeley - would it be reasonable to come back in 2 weeks with a plan?
D'Angelo - It would be better to do it a little later. Early in February would be better.

Gym floor will be a big one to replace. It really crimps the high school to ahve the gym out. All the recreation programs are already taking space in the other gyms in town.