Thursday, May 28, 2009

Elsewhere - school topics of interest

In the Boston Globe West section there are two articles of interest.

One talks about Littleton proposing to change their school calendar to eliminate specific religious holidays and to offer the students a "floating" holiday instead. They are attempting to make the calendar more inclusive for all religions and yet still provide the time off with no repercussion to the students for their religious holiday. Read more here

The second talks of two different approaches to the school building process being piloted by the State. You are probably aware that Franklin is still waiting for word on where the High School fits on the listing. Current indications are that it doesn't fit very high on the listing as the building is in "general good shape" and does have a couple of specific needs; improvements for accessibility and science labs. Natick and Wayland have taken different routes on their school plans. The details are reviewed in the article here.

Franklin can continue to wait, and hope for some State aid, or decide to do something sooner rather than later on their own. The longer we wait, given the continued budget cuts effecting the overall operations at the High School, the more likely the accreditation status could change for the worse.

If you are concerned about the high school, try and find out what the School Building Committee is doing. Are they meeting to review their options, or are they waiting?

What should they do?

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