Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Live reporting - Detailed Questions FY 2010

Armenio - I know this is position related, what impact will this have on the district?
Sabolinski - other districts are adding this position, we are cutting this. That is one impact. We will try and spread some of the reporting around.

Armenio - these are not options, these are requirements
Sabolinski - yes, this will be difficult

Armenio - we're zeroing this out, this will be more of a capital item. When you look at social studies they only went up to the Vietnam War.
Sabolinski - we are replacing books this year that are over a dozen years old.

Cafasso - can you tell me how this is up after years of being down?
Goodman - each school got their allocations and depending upon how they used it at their level, the schools across the board the got the same amount as they got last year, it is their discretion on how they are using it.

Armenio - question on field trips, this was taken out years ago
Goodman - this is a coding issue, all transportation should be in the 3300 series, any non-school to home transportation should be here, so visits between schools, to TriCounty these fall here

Cafasso - Where is this coming from?
Goodman - this is a growth from year to year, there is a contract in place, we have added a bus, some of this is offset with the pay-to-ride fees but this is still underfunded.

Cafasso - This is a philosophical decision that we are not fully funding the cost of the transportation.
Sabolinski - that becomes a bigger philosophical decision when you come to high school sports, those are not fully funded either. the entire population effectively subsidizes the few who use it

Cafasso - my question was designed to see if we were seeing cost increases in the contract?

Rohrbach - Can someone explain what it means?
Waters - We have approx 70 students, a small percent of the total population. There needs are such that we can not provide within the district. Those tuitions can range from 25,000 to 200,000 per student. The total is 3.8 million. We are actually doing better than elsewhere. For a district our size, to have only 70 out of district is good. We have increased programs to keep students within the district here where possible.

Armenio - we are notified of tuition rate increases around Dec 15th?
Waters - The out of district schools can apply for an increase to the State at any time, we have no control over that.

Greydon Smith, citizen - what is our responsibility for special education?
Waters- special education is federally mandated as well as at the State. The students have a right to education, the decisions are made by the team. The number you see is legally mandated.

Citizen - and what is the funding for this?
Ogden - explains that we don't get direct funding for it, the State does participate with "circuit breaker" funds
Goodman - we get reimbursed about 20%

Roy - we have options with what we can do for the public hearing. we can close it for tonight, or continue it to a future date?
Cafasso - I would move to continue the hearing to a future date.

Motion to continue the hearing until June 9th
Passed 6-1

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