Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Live reporting - Financial Planning Committee 5/27/09

Attending: Roche, Bartlett, Nutting, Zollo, Hardesty, Cameron, Wilschek, Kelly, Trahan
Absent: Ogden, Whalen

Approved minutes of 4/23/09

Document located off the Town Administrators page although the Committee is listed as a subcommittee of the Town Council

Discussion on potential schedule for budget, open hearing on 10th, continue it the 11th, and then continue to the 24th. At that point decide upon a number, and go with that. You can adjust later. Especially if the State hasn't made their decision.

Reading some of the citizen feedback via email.

One feedback is better PR on what the Town has done to cut costs.

The problem is real. What are we going to do to get out of this mess?

Short term, finalize the report; let the Town Council, School Committee, FinCom accept the report and then they should set next steps. Probably shouldn't come up with recommendations before they specifically ask us.

Within 2 or 3 key assumptions, this is the number. They can go with that.

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