Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Live reporting - FY 2010 Discussion

Salary a big chunk
Health care, Transportation, and Out of district tuition account for the bulk of the remaining amount.

Elementary level $210
Middle Schools $225
High School $355

This is the apportionment of the budget on a per pupil basis
Some of the budget line item changes can be directly attributed to these amounts flowing to the schools

Overall reducing 42-25 positions with this budget

High School
Asst Principal, Secretary, Librarian, and four teachers = total of seven positions

Class sizes can remain manageable with a change in the schedule from 7 period rotating to a 6 period schedule. 60 minute per period.

Middle Schools
2 grade 6 teachers
4 grade 7 teachers
4 grade 8 teachers
2 music
1 librarian
1 Math curriculum enhancement teacher

Class sizes remain significantly high

Elementary Schools
18.5 classroom teachers
2.5 librarians
1.2 specialists

Class size will be much increased, 21 of the 30 class groupings will exceed School Committee guidelines

User Activity Fees
As announced previously, the fees will increase over the next three years to bring the fee revenue into a 50/50 support level with the budget assumptions

Athletic fees, pay-to-ride, extracurricular fees are the three areas covered.
Page 9 depicts the fee schedule for the next three years

A calculation of the fees shows a "typical" family with students at the High School could amount to $3,000 per year. This would be about 60% of the average property tax amount.

The budget reduction targeted 3 million has come within 1,489,233.
The Senate budget differs significantly from the House and Governor's budget. That amount is not reflected in the numbers shown here.

  • No late bus
  • High school scheduling changes
  • Split teams at the Middle Schools
  • Larger elementary class sizes
  • Programing changes (Music, library, PE/Health)
  • Fewer extracurricular activities

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