Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Live reporting - New business/Closing

Kelly - The fund raiser for the ECDC, notifications can be found here on Franklin Matters

A big thank you to all the bands for their performance for the Memorial Day parade.

Trahan - to thank the town, it was a wonderful day and a great community effort.

Slight - The cuts in PE/Health, 69% of the kids drink and the first line of defense is activity. Health education is a huge problem..

Ogden - the point is still a string one, it will still be a requirement it but just not as frequently.

Roy - Bob Fahey indicated that the school had participated to a great extent in the fund raising for the monument. We are looking to get them here to recognize their efforts. It might not be until September but Mr Fahey will be here to recognize them.

Motion to go into Executive Session, not to return to public meeting, passed 7-0

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