Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Live reporting - FY 2010 Budget Q and A

Armenio - will the schedule rotate?
Light - we are still working out the details but yes it will rotate

Armenio - fees won't go away, participation may go down, I'm not happy with the fees. What about enrollment?
Light - we are estimating an increase of about 50-75 but things are still in flux

Kelly - The elementary numbers changed from the 3/24/09 presentation, can you explain the difference?
Minkle - The numbers are closer to actual but have been changing; April 30th enrollment, May 15th kindergarten enrollment, with a teacher reduction of 20 (versus 30 prior)

Cafasso - What will happen now with the library space? What will they be used for, how will the students use them?
Sabolinski - Assistance to checkin/checkout books will still exist, teachers can still bring their classes, there just won't be instruction in the library

Cafasso - Hard to predict what extracurriculars will be offered depending upon the teachers remaining and the student interest
Wittcoff - The middle school programs change each year depending upon the teachers and the student interest

Cafasso - Are any left in the district?
Ogden - Yes, elementary level

Cafasso - What is the role of CET in our district?
Wittcoff - They provide support to teachers in instructional practices
Ogden - There is a hope that some of the stimulus funds can be used to restore some of these positions outside of the budget.

Cafasso - Would you like to add anything to this discussion?
Wittcoff - The corner stone of the middle school model is teaming, by teaming, the teachers are sharing the same students. This allows the teachers to share and identify the students for help as required. This level is second only to the elementary level in rate of brain growth. This is a critical period, this model has been in use for 50 years, anything less than this would be a step back in time.

Cafasso - I don't see a fee cap for a family?
Ogden - We did not reach agreement in the subcommittee

Cafasso - I am disappointed with where we are, at a time when the President has announced the first Latino women in an appointment to the Supreme Court, schools are supposed to be the safety net for kids.

Rohrbach - What will PE/Health look like next year?
Ogden - Peter Light (High school principal) has not completed collecting data from the students. I can say it will look different, there will be less. The high school will look more like the elementary model where they get it once a week.

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