Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live reporting - School Budget - FY 10

From left to right across the table are School Committee Chair Jeff Roy, Supt Wayne Ogden, Asst Supt Maureen Sabolinski, and Business Manager Miriam Goodman


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Roy: Budget out of balance by 1.5 million with the teachers decision on the deferment pending their vote this Monday June 15th. We have notified the necessary amount to account for all the contingencies.

Sabolinski: very frustrating budget cycle, have been trying to bring the transportation budget in line as a requirement per the Forensic Audit. In addition to teaching positions, there are two administrative positions at the high school, a data analyst at the central office. These positions would not be returned with any additional funds this year. Additional funds would bring teachers back.

The High School has changed their schedule to accommodate reasonable class sizes. The middle school and elementary schools will see larger class sizes.

The PE/Health requirement has been changed at the High School. It has been reduced to once per week to free up time for course classes.

Bartlett: What has happened to the fees?
Sabolinski: right now the fees are the same. We did look at increasing them and decided not to go that way this year.
Roy: we also looked at the potential revenue loss due to the increased fees.

Zollo: What reductions did we have last year? and the year before?
Ogden: Last year 45, of these 43 were teachers, the year before was 28 of which 8 were custodial and 2 were admin.

Ogden: we know of 6 retirements as of now, we suspect there are four more pending with no obligation for them to provide us notification until June 30th. These retirements will help us avoid some other reductions.

Whalen: music programs being cut?
Sabolinski: music programs at the middle school are being shared across the three buildings, the high school choral program teacher will not be maintain her position

Whalen: will other after school activities be cut?
Sabolinski: due to the stipend offered to teachers for the after school programs, there will be less offered. The late bus is also not funded next year which would affect participation.

Sabolinski: in K-8 we don't have other areas to cut, we are looking to protect the core requirements of instruction. They have been cutting for the last 3-4 years, they have no further place to make cuts.
Ogden: the perception that athletic programs are not cut is incorrect.

Bartlett: PE/Health will become an elective?
Ogden: no, it will still be required, the frequency of offering will be reduced to once per week.
Sabolinski: there will be an elective offered for other students to take

Zollo: so the retirements don't affect the 14 positions remaining if you have the 700,000 gap to cover?
Ogden: yes, we still have to get to the total salary requirement coverage of the 14 positions.

5 minute recess

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