Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live reporting - FY 10 Budget hearing

Update on current status, the amount not balanced is about 800,000 off and is really only 1% of the total budget.

From left to right Susan Gagner, Jeff Nutting

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11 Town positions lost for FY 2010

An adjustment will be required in the fall for unemployment costs.

Tax levy increased by 2.5%
State revenue has been reduced by 1.5 million (from various sources per the Governor's numbers).
Motor vehicle receipts down driving the total of Local receipts down over 940,000.

Public facilities did increase due to the total number of buildings covered (schools, etc.)

Public Schools are level funded
Regional school has a savings due to a decrease in enrollment and their own budget reduction efforts

Debt did increase, bonding for the Senior Center, Fire truck and a couple of other items drove this increase.

Norfolk County Assessment increased by 180,000

Doak - if we have to make additional cuts, can you give any insights as to where they would be coming from?
Nutting - I think they would be split between Town and School. We haven't had that discussion yet. There are really only 5 Town budgets that could absorb any significant amounts. How much more peril do we want to put the Schools in? I'd rather not start making assumptions, it really depends upon what the amount is. If local option tax is coming around, that would be another Council discussion on how it would be used.

Bartlett - when you go to the Capital, are they aware of the impact with layoffs, etc?
Nutting - They know how important Chapter 70 and local aid is to the cities and towns. There is such a budget dilemma, they are trying to weigh all the possibilities. We managed to get co-pay increases this year, will that happen again, can't say.

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