Saturday, June 13, 2009

McGovern running late

The good news is that there are people out to meet and talk With Congressman Jim McGovern today.

The bad news is that this has him running vary late. He arrived Franklin Library at 10:10 (not the 9:30 he was scheduled for).

I left after talking with him about 11:10. He is due in Wrentham at 11:30. Given the number of folks remaining to talk with him in Franklin, I would estimate that he would not arrive before noon time maybe not before 12:30. Note: these are my estimates.

As for my time with the Congressman:
  • I talked with Congressman McGovern about collaborating with communications on his various issues and initiatives. You, the readers of Franklin Matters, should hear what he has to say in the matters that affect us. And given the current state of affairs, there is little that doesn't affect us. He listened, he liked to offer and claimed to follow up.
  • I also talked about No Child Left Behind and other Federal unfunded mandates upon education. I pressed him that if the government is going to require something to be done, then fund it appropriately. Or take away the requirements. There are sufficient requirements at the state and local level to provide a good quality education to all the children of Franklin.
  • After my time with the Congressman, I stayed to provide morale support for Ted McIntyre of the Franklin Area Climate Team. Ted wanted to invited the Congressman to participate in the Franklin event being put together for on October 24th. He also wanted to discuss the pending legislation on carbon trading. We were also joined by Steve Deredarian in this effort. Steve also took the opportunity to talk with the Congressman on the health care issue.

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