Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Live reporting: New logo awards

c. Strategic Planning Logo Awards
Ella Reed
Ben Fretz
Cam Goldsmith
Brett vanVort
Patrick McClellan Hurd
Jillian McGrath
Madison Wendell
Lyndsey Donahoe
Pooja Agaraal
Michelle Reinertson
Samantha Fitzpatrick
Collin Berg
Ellie Mancin
Erin Lee
Kasey Lynch
Breanna Metras
Caleigh Smith
Emma Campbell
Joe Nevells
Ashley Monterotti
Kevin MacAllister
Nichole Higgins
David Joany
Anna Humphreys
Madison Hinckley
Andrew DeSignore
Jill Downing
Kristen Dumas – final selection
From 250 initial entries, whittled to thirty for the high school students to work with and create 5 logos

and the final logo is shown above


Updated - 6/10/09: The listing of names was updated with the help of Rosanne (Gosch) Walsh

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