Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Live reporting - Senior Project

Sasha Warner, Judy O'Neil (names to be double checked)

survey says
100% of mentors said the project was beneficial to both the students and the teachers

proposal written during May of Junior year by students
21 students were selected
class during 3rd term
projects worked on during the 4th term

The Five P's
  1. Proposal
  2. Paper
  3. Project
  4. Portfolio
  5. Presentation
Brittany MacLeod "The trial and error and realization of how much work is required generated much pride in the final output."

Project requirements
weekly meetings with mentor, time sheets, daily reflection (written), self evaluation, evaluation by site advisor, exhibition of project

unpaid internships, minimum of 60 hours over the period

Brittany "One thing I definitely learned is that everyone in the company counts"

Lindsey Corek - Milford Hosp - nutrition; "counseling with patients... I became comfortable and confident in dealing with people in a confidential manner. This confirmed by passio for nutrition."

Alyssa Breen - Riverside Community Care - developed more of a passion for the mental health field. Offered a position scheduling at the front office for them during the summer."

Allison Negro - Norwood Hosp - "a really good opportunity to understand that this is something I may not really want to do." Heading for Univ of New Haven to study forensics.

Will O'Leary - Canaccord - worked in the Compliance Dept to ensure that the money processed complied with the existing laws and regulations. He thought he was going to have an interest in Finance but he is not so interested in that now. He will be attending Dean College and studying sports management.

Brittany MacLeod - Changed her mind from her original desire to pursue advertising.

All the students would highly recommend this project to incoming seniors.

Pat Slight - Appreciated the chance to get out of the school building and find that there is so much opportunity ahead. This program helped him avoid senioritis. This will really help him drive through college.

Armenio - this is a fabulous program, several of you realized what you don't want to do.

Rohrbach - What if anything would you do to improve this for next year?
Slight - 60 hours wasn't enough time, should increase to 70 next year. It is already in the works.
Negro - Better time management as well as the increase amount of time will avoid some of the problems a few of the students had this year.

Ogden - this project has been in the incubator for a long time, thanks to the faculty for the hours for bringing this to fruition.

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