Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Live reporting - school choice

Ogden - this is much influx because the budget is so influx. You have a need to vote to continue or not. We may keep the student population we have and not expand it any further.

Kelly - Can you explain how it works?

Ogden - once you vote in the affirmative, we will open up an application on the school website. Once the listing is acquired, we will see how many if any of the students could be accommodated. If there are any, there will be a blind lottery to select from amongst the applications.

About 25% of the existing students are children of school employees

Kelly - I know from conversations with school employees it is a great thing for them to have the kids here where they are working. They understand they may not be able to count on it.

Sabolinski - We'll need to look a couple of years out to see what seats could be made available.

Armenio - where are we on the kindergarten numbers?
Sabolinski - we have been flat
Ogden - I suspect that until you make the final decision on full day kindergarten, we may not see some of those that may be currently slotted with a private full day kindergarten.

Sabolinski - add backs would not change the middle school numbers

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