Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live reporting - Action items

  1. Resolution 09-40: Acceptance of G.L. Chapter 39, Section 23D and Specification of its General Applicability Approved - 7-0
  2. Resolution 09-41: Appropriation – Library Repairs Approved - 7-0
  3. Resolution 09-42: Establishment of Elected Officials’ Salaries- FY 10 Approved - 7-0
  4. Resolution 09-44: Appropriation – Rt. 140/King Street Construction Approved - 7-0
#1 - currently, if a member of Conservation Commission, Planning Board, etc. misses a meeting they can not vote on the final approval. This change allows if they miss one meeting to particiapte via the meeting archives records and continue to provide a vote. If they miss more than one meeting this does not apply.

#2 - the net proceeds of the Four Corners sale could be used for any bondable item (building, roads, fire truck, etc.). It can not be used for operational expenses. The net amount from the sale would be 1.5 million, this uses approx 300,000 leaving 1.2 million still in the account to be used for some other bondable uses.

#3 - correction to amounts on pre-release copy. The amounts also include 4 days at the end of fiscal 2010 that are part of the next pay period in FY 2011 for simplicity sake for the payroll process.

#4 - this is using some monies left over from prior work efforts to re-do the corner at King Street and RT 140. The work will improve traffic flow at the corner for Walgreens.

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