Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beaver Pond - concession stand under construction

Inquiring minds could speculate that Franklin is spending big bucks to build a new concession stand with rest rooms at Beaver Pond. But they would be incorrect.

Folks may recall that when Beaver Pond was re-done, the old building came down. There were several tries to put it out to bid but the bids were too expensive.

Franklin has gotten creative in the solution to this desire of getting a building for nominal cost. The answer?
Tri-County Regional Vocational High School.

The labor will be provided by the students under the guidance of their teachers (all qualified and certified). The students will get practical school experience.

Franklin will obtain a building for the cost of the materials required.

It will take some time to complete. The foundation has been laid but school gets out soon, so the work likely will resume in the fall.

It will be good quality work, reasonably done with an educational benefit! A real win-win.

This information was brought to light during the budget hearing on Thursday, May 6 and my notes can be found here:

The on demand video link to this portion of the budget hearing can be found here:

Franklin, MA

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