Sunday, May 9, 2010

Town Council: Legislation

1. Resolution 10-20: Authorization to Transfer A Portion of Franklin’s Excess Sewer Capacity At Charles River Treatment Plant to Towns of Millis and Bellingham

A good way to increase funds in the Sewer/Water enterprise account and reduce the annual expense as well as our share of the capital renovations being planned
We have excess capacity of 1.2M gallons per day and would still have excess after this to over future growth

motion to approve - passed 7-0

2. Resolution 10-21: Appropriation – Snow and Ice Deficit
went over the budget as expected, slowly building the budget up to the working average

motion to approve - passed 7-0

3. Resolution 10-22: Appropriation – Election Expenses
$10,000 requested to cover the special override election on June 8th. This election is totally funded by Franklin as opposed to other state and special senate elections where we get some reimbursement from the State.

motion to approve - passed 7-0

Note - Items 3 and 4 went before the Finance Committee on Tuesday 5/4/10 and were approved by a 9-0 vote. According to the video, Jeff Nutting remembered the vote as 8-0.

Franklin, MA

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