Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Live reporting - Discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items

School Choice
need to let DESE know if we will continue by June 1
we have 39 currently, the question is whether to open up additional seats available
Principals have recommended not to do so given the flexible budgetary arrangements
not a prudent choice to make at this time

In 2007, we had 76 students generating $5,000 per seat
in addition to loosing teachers, we are loosing revenue

56 for 2008, 2009, and currently 39
We haven't been able to allow staff to bring their children to the district
Is it fair to say, the only way to resume this program would be to increase teachers?
Yes, you need to look at the class size and down the road for the cohort factor

Principals conducted the survey to determine no space K-12

First Reading - Policy JJFG Disposition of Student Activity Accounthow to handle the money for each class, as the seniors graduate they are no longer part of the district
the funds would need to be kept in an account with a different tax ID than part of the Franklin Schools

motion to move to second reading, passed 7-0

Further FY11 Budget Discussion
PCC meeting at Kennedy
shortened elementary day might be in the morning as a delayed start or early dismissal

Sabolinski - the principals actually came up with the alternatives, the morning actually works a little better
Glynn - what about parents going to work, how would they be covered
Sabolinski - we could use the Solutions program

Franklin, MA

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