Monday, May 10, 2010

Live reporting - Water/Sewer Enterprise funds

Solid waste

The rate was as high as 300 then 280, now coming down. It includes buying the totters and financing the cost to supply them as we go forward

The enterprise funds are self-sustaining, they are maintained by the fees

motion to approve, passed 7-0 (Cameron recused herself)

Nutting was remiss to thank Mr Dacey, we paid .005% when we went to bond the totters

can't continue to draw down our fund balance to zero,
they also certify our fund balances when they do free cash
folks should expect a sewer rate increase due to the 19M increase in a required plant upgrade

motion to approve, passed 7-0 Cameron recused herself)

budget trimmed, mandated by state can sell more than 65 gallons per person per day
continue to need capital improvements, long run will need to comeback for funds to continue those programs
we have some cast iron pipe that needs to be replaced, and asbestos lined pipes that need to be replaced
appealing permit now, trying to put in a new well for 12 years and haven't been able to do so

chemical increase
we bid it out when we can, the prices are very volatile
limited choice on supply

A water permit is given for a five year period, we are appealing some of our differences of opinion

motion to approve, passed 7-0 Cameron recused herself)

Franklin, MA

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