Sunday, May 9, 2010

Town Council: road repair funding

Jeff Nutting in a follow up question from the prior meeting asked how the $3 M override would be allocated. Currently for the amount before the voters, 1.8 would go to the schools; 300,000 would go to the Town; where would the other $900,000 go?

Scott Mason proposes that the $900,000 go to a separate fund at least for the next two years for road repair.

Repair of Wachusett St cost = $1 M
Proposal for Pleasant St would cost = $9 M

Roads are a huge unmet need. Currently other than Chap 90, there is no local funding for road repair.
15 M could cover 10 miles of roads but we have 200 miles of roads.

This would at least be a start to address the need.

Franklin, MA

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