Monday, May 10, 2010

Live reporting - Finance Committee endorses the override

Rebecca Cameron provides an update on the Long Range/Financial Planning committee report
brought the 2 1/2 override to the Council and to the voters for a vote
we need to be on the same page to help the process

The plan was right on target except for the items that weren't on the planning horizon
the forecast has been reconciled to the original report
the Town Council has a $3 M override budget
to use $1.8 M for schools, $300,000 for the Town, and $900,000 for the roads to get started in addressing that problem
we have a way to go with $15 M to fix the worst 30 miles of roads and only $900,000 to start with

Goldsmith - I feel very comfortable asking the Town's people to consider coming forward, the increase are warranted to provide the services to the Town

Roche - There is not a lot of waste out there, the department heads are doing their job and we are getting to lean

Quinn - If you look at the five year plan, it gets worse. Police down, Fire down, DPW, Schools (hundred lost teachers, 1,000 more students). It is unfortunate, times are tough but I think failure to pass the prop will be an issue

Rivera - one of the most important things we can do is to educate the residents as much s we can, if we don't do something what will it look like in a few years, if they have questions, the info is on the website

Roche - Town wide forum on May 24th at 7:00 PM at Horace Mann/Thomas Mercer Auditorium

Cataldo - We can't keep going this way, personal safety is important, this money is not going to be slopping in a trough, this is to provide services that we have had , not increases but the same services

Nutting - Est $255 per average bill for the $3 M override

Quinn - It is important to say, 10 failed overrides with one passed, we are asking for a tax increase because some of the others haven't been passed with growing expenses. Got to make ends meet.

Feldman - we can see some signs of improvement in the economy here and there, hopefully things will continue to improve

Cameron - the important thing is that everyone comes out and vote, the votes need to be cast, we understand the impact it can have on certain people. I get the feeling that this group understands the override is necessary to keep the services. I would like to make a recommendation to support the override.

Motion to recommend $3 M override, passed 8-0

meeting for 1st Tue in June (Jun 1) to be kept for now

motion to adjourn, passed

Franklin, MA

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