Monday, November 15, 2010

Another #1 listing for Franklin

I spoke with Nathan Beck on Saturday at the electronics, etc. recycling fund raiser for the FHS Girls Hockey Team. I had just heard about the event that morning and would have liked to be able to share the information in advance. We exchanged business cards and his father, Steve, sent along this information.

I've been doing electronic collections since 2002, directing the net proceeds to K-12 programs. I principally target music and fine arts, but also generate funding for safe driver programs, girls athletics, community service centers and, of course, Big Brother Big Sister. I'm the director of Big Brother Big Sister Foundation and founder of the CREW (Community Recyclers of Electronic Waste). My son now runs events for CREW all over the state, in NH and soon New York and PA.
Three weeks ago, CREW hit the $3,000,000 mark in net monies donated to charities, edu and other programs through collection events
In most towns, I folded BBBS into the mix. BBBS is there for clothing, CREW for electronics. In about six towns now, we hold town wide recycling days twice a year with everything I can think of. Books, metal, cardboard, onsite document shredding, electronics, household goods, appliances and of course clothing. They work well
Falmouth High School fine arts and music program nets about $8,000 a year with these events. Norwell about $3,000, Dedham about $12,000. I am pitching them to every town and we'll start up in April.
Martha's Vineyard Community Services has netted $51,000 in the last three years. Not a bad piece of change for a much needed community center that helps 22,000 people a year.
The Franklin girls ice hockey team netted about $760. Less than I expected, but the first of these events in any given town is dicey, especially in mid November. We're going to do another in April and I am certain I can get them $2,000+. That isn't bad for the hockey team, it helps keep them on the ice.
We have only a couple left, usually I stop the first weekend in November. Charlestown is on 12/4 and a tri town event, sponsored by Congressman Ed Markey's office, is on the slate for 12/11. After that, we hibernate until April; BBBS does house to house pick ups of electronics in the winter months.
Big Brothers Big Sisters website is

Franklin is also number 1 as a contributer to Big Brothers Big Sisters

If you missed this one, still have electronics to recycle, then mark your calendar for another event in April, 2011.

Thanks to Nathan and Steve for sharing this information!

Franklin, MA

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