Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Live reporting - MCAS - part 3 - Q&A

Closing comments on the presentation itself:

27.5% percent of the graduating class earned the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship

Literacy work in the district makes a difference
Data analysis has doubled, so folks are getting the data to use and improve instruction and curriculum

Concern with increasing class size puts greater pressure on the special ed and low income students
MCAS is a moving target which in and f itself makes it hard to continue to perform

Core standards are in their final changes, the 2011 MCAS tests will reflect the current core standards
during 2012, the tests will be a hybrid of new standard and old standards
in 2013 the tests will be fully against material in the updated core standards

Cafasso - What happened in 2009 to cause the trough? (see slide 9 - Math subgroups Franklin to State Comparison)

Michele Kingsland-Smith - the 8th grade test is the hardest test they will take, as well as changes in the District which affected the instruction

Cafasso - I don't understand the growth slide, can you take a number

Kingsland-Smith - Better to see at an individual level, it measures the amount of growth for that performance in comparison to the other students. You may have had the same grade but you achieved your grade by growing more from the prior year than someone else.

Cafasso - you are highly efficient and we need to convince folks to continue to invest in this efficiency

Roy - Slide 13
Steve Sherlock - provided the analogy of the crew team, both finish in a tie, one had started out and got a big lead. the other team increased the rate of the strokes to finish in the tie. Hence the second team had a greater rate of strokes like the greater growth they are talking about.

A great presentation

Me: I concur, this is one of the better presentations I have seen, it makes sense.

Franklin, MA

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