Sunday, November 14, 2010

Franklin Fire Dept

In days of tight money, the Milford Daily News has an article today that reviews the purchase process for fire trucks as they are so expensive. Maintenance become important to keep the equipment in top shape and to extend the useful life.

Having participated in a number of discussions with Chief Gary McCarraher as he has presented to the Town Council, Finance Committee, or Financial Planning Committee, I can say that Franklin does very well in this area.

You can read the full article here:

How old are your town's firetrucks?

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I would recommend visiting the Fire Dept page on the Franklin website.

You can view the equipment housed at Station One (downtown)

You can view the equipment housed at Station Two (King St)

Take a few minutes to explore the Fire Dept page. You can find a whole bunch of useful information there!

BTW - the Globe decided to write about the effects that budget cuts are having to Fire Departments. You can read their story online here or in the print of the Sunday Globe Magazine.

Franklin, MA

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