Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Live reporting - Discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items
Budget to Actual - no questions, no discussion

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan
Public comment period open through Dec 9th
Final discussion and vote on plan Dec 14th

Community Outreach
Bill Glynn
Why do we face such a challenge year after year?
The community needs to discuss this, all the stakeholders
I have attended PCC's meetings, I wholeheartedly agree with Steve, more of this is necessary

Cafasso - Community Relations Subcommittee needs to have a meeting
Engagement, everyone has their own style
if you are talking about communications as a committee, then we need to think about what we want to accomplish
the idea of an open mic night has come up before, a brief presentation then answer any and all questions
I prefer communications around specific matters of importance, i.e. the budget, the high school renovations
It is hard to talk about individual topics, logistically hard
No one is not in favor of it
Not just the channels, the medium, parents love the school newsletters
We have a lot of different options, take the different presentation and put them online and promote it
The problem is our website is not user friendly
A really good website would make this easier
We could revive our Facebook page, what do we link to?

Certainly the high school has to be a communications topic, and the budget has to be

Mullen - we need a more strategic effort, we have the subcommittee in place
attending the high school PCC, you have a good place where parents want to be, they don't meet that often
are you taking time away from another presentation that might be more strategic?

Rohrbach - I am sitting here thinking about what people are thinking about
We are communicating, we meet the Joint PCC's regularly and wait for an invitation
In addition to that, we are out pretty much everyone of us, at coffees, etc.
Our spring is virtually on the road if there is an override
The School Committee blog is active, the meeting is available via video on demand
we do do a lot, currently, we need to do so in a simplistic way so we are not overburdening them with data
I think we communicate very well, we need to assess how we can do it differently
I am in favor of doing a town wide forum once or twice a year

Roy - I do want to acknowledge the level of engagement is very high
Sabolinski - maybe our own category, almost very high

Roy - Franklin School Advocacy group, 7:00 PM 3rd floor training room
I can't think of a better public forum, we have a 100 comfortable chairs
I make an attempt to make these meetings as comfortable
I would love to see more people to engage in this forum
I get fearful that if we do too much people will get sick of us, I get fearful we'll burn out
People in the long run, will do the right thing

Trahan - challenging people in the community and empowering them
they need to come forward and want to get the information
Maybe what we need is to issue the challenge, tell us what you need

Cafasso - We need to talk with Tim Raposa, we need to focus on the website
it will take money to get it hosted.

Glynn - I agree with Ed that the budget and the high school are two key items
I think it is all opportunistic, it is all good

Sabolinski - the four top topics
budget, override, redistricting, programmatic (kindergarten, etc.)

Policy – First Reading

GBEBA/JIA Staff Research Policy

GBEBA Staff Research Projects

Sample MASC Policy for Facebook and Social Networking
Looking for direction from the committee as to whether to review the current policy (JU) in light of this draft from the MASC:

MASC Sample FacebkSocNetworkPolicy

This draft only references Facebook, our current policy is better than this draft.
A policy without definitions is a dangerous thing.

There are places and uses where it can be useful but it can get out of hand.
It is allowed if school sanctioned

Franklin, MA

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