Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Live reporting - Closing

5. Information Matters
Superintendent’s Report
Big Lots - opening the 19th, will donate $2500 to the Parmenter School

Still looking for folks to participate in the visioning sessions
Can't move them away from during the week, already scheduled

School Committee Sub-Committee Reports
budget subcommittee did meet on Friday
did come up with a game plan to run by everyone

Kindergarten full day, half day discussion - January 25th

Saturday budget workshop, January 29th
level service budget, same services with the increased costs
explaining the budget in detail, allowing to have conversation in detail with the administrators

Once the money we will get from the State and Town is clear, then we can adjust

Feb 1 public hearing
Budget adoption on Feb 15th

Space needs subcommittee tweaking the report for a Jan presentation

School Committee Liaison Reports

6. New Business
To discuss future business that may be brought before the School Committee.
FEF Casino night Nov 19th

7. Executive Session
Contractual Negotiations
motion to enter, not to return to public meeting
passed 7-0

8. Adjourn

Franklin, MA

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