Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Live reporting - Cable Update

Cable- Creation of a Non-profit access Corporation

Jeff Nutting provided an overview, then Bob Dean, current committee chair went into the details
the committee would look at setting up a cable access corp, a non-profit to help separate the Town legally from some of the broadcast issues.

Continue to improve PEG (Public Education and Government) access for the citizens

Continue existing lease for now to go through the non-profit establishment/creation
Approx $1 million in fund currently

Possibility of putting the studio in as part of the high school renovation, that is possible
but not likely to happen within 3-5 years due to the construction timeline

Existing fees and capital grants have contributed to the current fund level

Jeff -  Bob was a little shy in getting a studio set up

There are two options, we (the Town) keeps operating or we set up a non-profit to operate it

Franklin, MA

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