Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Live reporting - High School Update

Present: Halter, Cafasso, Mullen, Fennell (OPM), Collins, Mercer, Feeley, Goode, D'Angelo, Nutting, Sabolinski, Jordan, Chagnon, Gilchrist

Mr Mercer provided an introduction of the Committee
A presentation (approx 20-25 mins) and then open for Q&A from the public

Construction estimate of $87,882,187... bid savings at $1.1M under budget
rebid a portion of the project, HVAC rebid, changed scope slightly and rebid, this came $554,000 under the
original bid, hence total $1.6M under budget at this point

J Nutting
financial cost gradual increase year over year up to the full cost 4 years out
$10,000 interest and 81 cents for FY 2013 (well under the $5 estimate)
interest on FY2014 under $11 thus far
with lower interest costs could get a total 25-30 dollars less per year, will be continuing to monitor

Project overview - Jim Jordan

Phase 1 now
Phase 2 - begins August 2013 until fall 2014 - major construction
Phase 3 - fall 2014 until July 2015 - take down old building build new fields
1600 parking lot spaces when all is said and done
video surveillance around building and lots

overview of digital classroom, 4 wireless access points, most installed in a building to date by architect
flexibility of teaching point of control either in front or back of room
infrastructure to support 1:1 laptop initiative
full security system built into the school, student access cards all access controlled, space specific

science labs - each over 1400 sq ft
center of room as open as possible, tables, etc. can be configured in any number of configurations

Library and Media Center
worked with FHS personnel to create a modern space
Panther cafe
"Geek squad" service counter, student run supporting 400 laptops
Fine art displays incorporated into the space

digital card catalogs
student work station space, computers spaced around not clustered as usually

Project team rooms
4 clusters on each of the 2nd and 3rd floors
so while the 1650 students in one building, operating in smaller clusters
highly visible educational space
furniture and chairs flexible and movable

Broadcast studio
largest designed to date 4200 sq ft on 1st floor
dedicated video and audio production studio, as well as additional editing space
two control rooms, more than any other design

Lecture hall
stadium style with tiered seating
80 students capacity, each seat data and power enabled for laptops

851 fixed seats
largest high school stage designed to date
full fly space on stage, no other has this design, cat walk above to enable lighting access
opportunities to rent space out
central control space, sunken floor for an orchestra pit
rear projection booth with second floor access

Band and choral classrooms
acoustical space designed
tiles may look haphazardly laid out but are designed to handle the sound properly

Green design features listed
(best shown on slide copies when those are available)
border line gold certification but strong silver is what is designed for

rain water used to flush toilets and save about 600,000 gallons of water a year

80KW to 100KW photo voltaic displays being designed for

light sensors for each room so as occupants leave, the lights would go off automatically

20% of the materials designed to contained recycled content

will loose 80 parking spaces during phase 1
pedestrian traffic will need to occur on Oak St (no longer cut through the parking lot)

work during the summer will lose further parking spots (about 300)
by doing this, the new parking spots will be available as the remainder of the construction continues

The reporting on this meeting continues with the Q&A Period here

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