Sunday, November 11, 2012

"they kicked over a hornet’s nest"

One of the medal recipients honored on Friday tells his story in the Milford Daily News:
On Oct. 7, 1967, as the Vietnam War raged on, Robert Gardner, of Franklin, was awarded the Bronze Star medal, a commendation given to U.S. Army soldiers who display valor on the battlefield. 
Gardner was a first lieutenant commanding an armored cavalry platoon based in the area around the Bong Son River, in the western part of the country. 
Below is a summary of the day that earned Gardner his medal. It began like any other for a soldier rolling through the rice paddies, creeks and streams, under the blistering sun of Vietnam.
You can read the reminder of Robert Gardner's story here:

In case you missed the story of the Veterans Day ceremony held at the Franklin Senior Center on Friday

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