Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Live reporting - Question and Answer period

Note: This reporting continues from the presentation portion of the meeting found

clarification on parking and driving patterns
can only go around to the left from Panther Way (no longer right toward where the tennis courts were)

grass circle in the front of the school has been transferred to parking to gain some space temporarily
Nutting provided kudos to the DPW for their work on the parking adjustments

substantially complete?
punch list items, cosmetic items, or something on the site that couldn't get completed

Typical construction work hours 7:00 to 3:30, some come in at 6:00 and leave early
sent out about 500 letters to the abutters
construction gates should be closed and locked, if not, please alert us
will keep an eye during the summer months to prevent dust from leaving the site

if there is any activity after hours, please let them know

will there be some work on the weekends?
most Saturday's likely but not Sunday's
should stick to the 7:00 AM start for Saturday

will be some work to raise and lower the back fields

will there be permanent fencing around the fields?

two of the fields will be light, both for the varsity fields

Will Oak St be repaved after the construction?
Outside this scope but likely could be done

sidewalks on both sides?
No, outside this project. Yes, for Panther Way on both sides
crossing guards will be in place during and after

structural steel done, mason work underway and likely to have roof up and done before the winter
spend the winter of 2013-14 doing the interior

if this is the worst phase of the parking, we are dealing with it quite well

If coming in Panther Way, police and fire dept will have access through the gates for safety reasons

Update - FHS Girls Soccer won 2-0, they go to the State final

The access road from Oak to the Parking Lot disappears for some time but does return after the project is completed

construction workers and vehicles are anticipated to be inside the area by 7:00 AM
major concrete deliveries will be avoiding the 7-8:00 AM and after bus pickup time periods

CORI checks are being done with the construction workers as well

meeting closes

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