Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Artistry Kitchen Closes

I had picked up through the grapevine that Artistry Kitchen had closed as of Saturday night, Jan 3rd. I walked by Sunday morning to see if there was a sign posted about this. There wasn't. Looking through the windows on the corner what was noticable was the tables instead of being set as they impeccably were for business, were bare.

photo of Artistry Kitchen Sunday morning, Jan 4
photo of Artistry Kitchen Sunday morning, Jan 4

The photo looks like it was created with a special effect and was only the reflection of the background on the glass window as I looked in to the empty tables.

An email from the recent owners of Artistry Kitchen was shared by a Franklin Matters reader:
It is with sadness, but much pride that Elissa and I announce that we have left Artistry Kitchen. We have been out of the Bistro since October and fulfilled our last catering responsibilities as of December 31st. 
The CEO of the company has decided to take the company in a different direction than the one we originally signed on for and therefore we have decided to pursue other opportunities. 
We are immensely proud of the work we, along with the rest of the Franklin team have done to create what we believed was a wonderful place to experience great food, in a great atmosphere with top notch culinary and hospitality talent. 
We will always be so grateful to our friends, family and the community for embracing our ideas with open arms and for supporting us every step of the way. This journey would not have been the same without your constant words of encouragement and the many visits you paid to us over the last few months. 
It has been a very difficult decision to walk away from Artistry after putting so much love, sweat and tears into the project. However, when faced with the prospect of changes that WE believe would compromise the integrity of what was built, we knew it was the right choice. 
We are looking forward to our next adventure and hope to share the next chapter with you very soon!

If you do have a gift card, there is a process for redemption/refund.
For anyone who has Artistry Kitchen gift cards, call Spencer at the restaurant between 9 and 4pm at 508-530-7440 and he will refund your gift card. If he does not answer the phone just leave a message and he will return your call.

Artistry Kitchen - Dec 2013
Artistry Kitchen - Dec 2013

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