Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Live reporting - Town Administrator annual report

  • Town Administrator’s Annual Update, Five Year Fiscal Forecast, Master Plan Update
still working on a fire fighters setllement, hopefully will resolve in a couple of months, and then get into negotiation with all the unions again

review and highlights of past accomplishment

portables to be removed at Davis Thayer this summer

a lot got accomplished, some things are still in progress

Pfeffer - hat would happen with the Charter School?
Nutting -it depends upon where they move, we could absorb some of the population but it depends upon where they move. if they stay close, we would get fewer, if they go farther, we would get more. The elementary population here is continuing to decline hence we could absorb some of them.

Feldman - do you see any changes with the new administration?
Nutting - they have huge debt issues, they need to resolve. it will be interestign to see what casinos will do with the lottery revenues. The Federal government will send less, as they have their own issues

Master Plan
zoning made changes, open 3 parks this year
will update every year
something will never get accomplished but many will

Pfeffer - is there any way to get rid of 'workforce housing'?
Nutting - no it is in the original and we have just carried it forward

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