Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Live reporting: Emmons St discussion

Kelly recused himself from the discussion (but did not leave the room) (edited 1/8/15 based upon communication with a participant from the back of the room - Thanks!).

  • 150 Emmons Street 

nutting - providing overview/summary
we did get one proposal, offered to change the proposal to just retail space
removing the drive through, it might still get altered a little in the Planning Board process; there would be no fast food drive through, he did reserve right to a bank drive thru

i would recommend that the Council move forward with that

Attnorney Cornetta, Mr Calarese regrets he could not attend
one of the biggest concerns was with a special permit for the drive through from the Planning Board, it would be a burden to the area, he has considered that, would like retain the rights to considered an acceptable drive through for the area

Steve Sherlock - spoke of the Franklin Matters survey results made available to the Council and to the public just before the meeting

Lisa Piana - Downtown Partnership
happy to see that Mr Calarese has heard the concerns of the residents, we would prefer to have no drive through but are happy to see no food drive through

Glen Jones - former councilor, former chair of EDC
this particular piece of property is to be a gateway, I am not found of drive through as I live two blocks from it. All the walking traffic for Dean will be re-routed to this intersection, any drive through would clog this area immensely. I am pleased to see that the monument is kept and the drive through is removed.

Dennis - I came prepared to argue against the proposal but I am glad to see that the proposal has changed. The downtown is over represented by banks, and not a draw for enough diversity

Cindy Rich - clarification on the drive through specification

Nutting - the doc would be signed as they go through the purchasing and permitting process. It will absolutely be in writting

Lisa Buccella - I try to keep up and it is almost a full time job. I read Steve's Franklin Matters, I try to keep up. Just because we are not here, this doesn't always represent us. How did I miss this change?

Nutting- most of the council had heard long and hard that the folks don't want the drive through, Mr Calarese came to my office Monday morning and said it would change the deal. Please talk about the entrances and exits. it is very dangerous. It has to go through the Planning Board, get a traffic study, the entrances don't make sense to put anywhere else

Greg Chalk - Dean College
we are pleased with the plan that has come forward, we are opposed to any vehicle drive through or with a food drive through as a safety concern for our students.

Nutting - the good news about moving the cross walk, Dean has designed their campus to force everyone down to the corner instead of the middle. Over on Main St there will be a raised table to slow traffic and make it traffic friendly

Jane Curran - I want to thank the Councilors for your hard work. I am excited to see the food drive through has been removed. My one concern is the entrance for two way traffic on 140 

Nutting - this is a conceptual desgin, just because it shows this way, it does not guarantee it. It has to go through the site plan process.

Jim Schultz - want the opportunity to have my comments on the record, this is not a good place for drive through in this space. We don't need more development that encourages drive through, stop and go, we need to engage and bring folks to stay

Nutting - for the folks from Pond St, this should show that the Council does weigh the concerns, they took long and hard look at the matter.

Mercer - I was not in favor of a drive though for this property. I am concerned about the traffic at that intersection, that is the only way to get to Main St from that end of town. jeff stole a little bit of what I was going to say. You can see what the Council did to get the green space. Mr Calarese has increased the green space from 20% to 30%.

Padula - although I moved for this, in my conscience, if it could go to a drive through, I am not pleased with it and could not vote for it.

Nutting - vehicle service establishment is reasllythe term for a drive through

What are the requirements?

Nutting - part of the planning board process, the traffic studies are used. Dunkin would be different traffic pattern than that from a bank, need a by pass lane, etc. stack lane is shorter at a bank than it is at a fast food. Council can put a restriction on it for 30 years, but that is as long as it goes

Elaine Murphy - I am glad I stayed, this is very illustrative. It is on your own time and we do appreciate it. it would end up as some sort of collaboration and compromise. I have been here 41 years. The horse trough is unique but not esthetic. if this can't be the gateway? What would it be?

Nutting - the green space and the Horace Mann statue will be more presentable, that was kind of the compromise to get to the gateway

Elaine - I did remember my discussion, is there something that applies to Pond St

Cornetta - I will convery the comments to Mr Calarese, mr Calarese does want to reserve his right to have a drive through as a bank

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