Thursday, January 8, 2015

Good Energy Newsletter: January 2015

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NextStepLiving January 2015

An Advisor's Unusual Attic Find, Plus Winter Warmth Tips

Our latest Advisor of the Month shares how he made the leap from technician to advisor, his best winter warmth tips and how our team made a homeowner's day with a sentimental discovery.
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5 Ways to Stay Energy-Efficient in 2015

Home Automation: The Next Big Thing in Energy Efficiency?

The world of home automation systems are making the most out of our addiction to technology. Learn how home automation systems can help keep your energy-efficient habits on autopilot in our latest guest contributor piece.
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Four Simple Ways to Avoid the "Flue"

Think you've avoided the winter flu? Temper the hot water heater flue with these tips on how to keep flue gases out of your home, courtesy of our Connecticut Team of the Month.  
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Whole Home Energy Solutions

Homeowner Cuts First Electric Bill in Half After Going Solar

Our latest success story proves that a trip to the DMV can be worthwhile. Learn how one homeowner slashed her electricity costs by going solar, plus get a peek at her sleek new rooftop panels. 
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