Saturday, January 10, 2015

"we shouldn’t have to feel like we are being judged"

Those who attended the first public hearing for the change Wednesday and a few who watched from home felt the council came across as flippant in listening to their thoughts on the measure. 
If approved, the new zoning would authorize multi-family homes at the property, located off Interstate 495; hotels and office buildings are permitted there now. 
Councilors who support the measure say expanding the zoning will attract more developers, improving the town's chances of finally making much-needed revenue - in the sale of the land and from taxes - off the former sewer beds. 
But Wednesday, dozens of residents who live on or near Pond Street expressed concerns over the measure as it is written now. 
Most of the comments were about the prospect of increasing traffic on a roadway that is already nightmarish during rush hour. Residents also sought assurances from councilors that only a certain number of apartments or condominiums be allowed.
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My summary of the full Town Council meeting including audio recordings of the Pond St and Emmons St discussions can be found here

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