Sunday, January 4, 2015

Options for 150 Emmons St decision

The Emmons St discussion is likely one of the key items on the Town Council agenda for their first meeting of 2015. The letter from Town Administrator Jeff Nutting to the Town Council lays out the current options for the discussion on the Request for Proposal (RFP) to sell the property.

As the Council is aware, we discussed an RFP for the sale of 150 Emmons Street with a minimum bid of $475,000. We did receive one bid for $500,000. The proposal submitted does not identify any specific use for the property. 
The Council has several options including:
1. Sell the land for $500,000 and allow the developer to construct anything on the property allowed by zoning. 
2. Sell the land for $500,000, but restrict the use. (The discussion at the Economic Development Committee was whether to allow for VSEs (Vehicle Service Establishments) for any use or not allow VSEs for fast food/coffee uses? 
3. Sign a Land Disposition agreement and allow the developer 180 days to find a tenant (s) acceptable to the Council. 
4. Take no action at this time.
If the Town Council chooses to sell the property, we will need until July 1, 2015 to relocate the Recreation Department.

The screen grab of the letter can be viewed here: 

screen grab of letter with options for decision on 150 Emmons St
screen grab of letter with options for decision on 150 Emmons St

150 Emmons St, Franklin   MA
150 Emmons St, Franklin   MA

The letter is found on page 25 of the 79 page PDF file released for the Town Council meeting January 7, 2015:

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